UV Light Installation – Is it a Good Idea?

UV light installation in Odenton, Annapolis, Crofton, MD and the surrounding areas is a very effective idea when it comes to controlling the mold that grows inside the HVAC unit’s air handler. So let’s find out more details about it!

Types Of UV Lights

There are two different types of UV lights for Duct System

  • Coil sterilization – these UV lights come in the shape of ‘sticks’ and are placed in the return air duct.

  • Air sterilization – as opposed to ‘stick’ ones, these are complete UV lights which will sterilize the air that moves.


What Are The Benefits Of UV Lights?

  • Keep the coils clean therefore improving your unit’s cooling efficiency and lowering your bills on electricity.

  • Keep bacteria and mold in control

  • Prevent the growing of algae in drain lines, therefore unclogging them

  • Keeping germs, bacteria, and viruses out of the HVAC system so that you don’t get flus and colds.

  • Control the growth of mold

  • Reduce the foul odors.

Ultraviolet Light Installation And Maintenance

After you have installed your UV light with the help of a professional, you need to think about maintaining it as well. On average, a stick light bulb can last a little over a year or some 9000 hours.

If you want to replace them, you will have to pay for the bulb. However, if you decide to include this in your annual maintenance plan / saving club membership provided by your favorite HVAC company, this will turn out to be both effortless and money-saving.

Therefore, let us know if an UV light installation as well as maintaining it is on your list of priorities. JJ Heating & Cooling Company has some amazing plans that you can benefit from if you contact us to find out more details. So send us an email or call right now!

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