When you choose an HVAC maintenance agreement with JJ Heating & Cooling Company, you’re getting the best value for your maintenance dollar from a recognized industry leader.


Whether you’re considering a commercial HVAC maintenance agreement for the first time, or you’re shopping for a new provider, we’ll make it easy to understand your options and get the right contract for your needs.

Remember, any service contract is only as good as the company that stands behind it.

Does an HVAC maintenance agreement make sense for you?


  • A well-maintained system runs more efficiently, providing consistent comfort and reducing your energy bills.

  • Regular maintenance helps identify and fix problems before they cause breakdowns.

  • Equipment that’s well cared for lasts years longer than neglected systems.

  • You can avoid the stress and business complications caused by unexpected breakdowns and repair bills.

  • If you do have an emergency, you’ll get priority service.

  • Preventive maintenance is a fixed-fee contract that includes a number of regularly scheduled maintenance visits throughout the year, but doesn’t cover emergencies, repairs or replacement parts.

  • JJ Heating & Cooling Company's maintenance plans are among the most comprehensive plans in the industry. We go beyond simple checkups to investigate parts and systems that may be coming under duress, catching any problems early so that they don’t turn into big headaches later.

What to expect from your HVAC maintenance agreement


Building your HVAC maintenance agreement starts with a thorough review of your HVAC system. You’ll meet with an experienced Account Advisor who will help you understand all your options and make the smartest choices for your business.

Next, you’ll receive a detailed contract written in plain English. You’ll never feel trapped by clauses that are vague or terms that are butted by legalese. Your HVAC maintenance agreement will state things clearly in language that’s easy to understand. You’ll know exactly what’s included and what’s not. Since we have such a large customer base in the Maryland Area, we can also provide references from businesses that are similar to yours.

Once your contract is underway, we make communication easy. Whether you need an unscheduled service call, a new equipment installation or just the answer to a question, you’ll always know exactly who to call – or email, or Tweet. You can contact us using whatever communication tool you prefer.

We even give you choices for payment, including prepayment or convenient monthly payments.