For over three decades, the Goodman® brand has concentrated on something more important than simple brand-recognition consumer advertising. Since 1982, we've focused on helping millions and millions of homeowners achieve reliable, high-quality and affordable indoor comfort with products that continue to be designed, engineered and assembled in the U.S.A. 


Goodman AC Systems

Goodman central air conditioning units offer reliable cooling at an affordable price. High-efficiency cooling systems give homeowners the added bonus of lower monthly energy bills. Check out the SEER ratings of each of Goodman’s central air conditioning options to choose the best system for your home. Plus, all Goodman units come with a comprehensive factory warranty protection in the heating and cooling industry.

Goodman Heat Pump Installation in Maryland

Goodman Heat Pump Systems

Goodman heat pumps bring efficient heating and cooling to homeowners in one packaged system. For year-round indoor comfort and energy savings, heat pumps can’t be beat. Use the SEER and HSPF ratings to gauge the efficiency of Goodman’s different heat pump options. Each system comes with the protection of Goodman’s comprehensive factory warranty.

Goodman Gas Furnaces

Goodman gets gas furnaces. The brand offers multi-speed furnace systems that improve indoor comfort and heating efficiency by warming up and adjusting to your home’s temperature rather than being either completely off or on full blast like single-speed systems. Use the AFUE rating to select the right gas furnace for your home – the higher ratings indicate better efficiency. And every Goodman gas furnace comes with a full factory warranty.

Goodman Air Handler & Coils

Air handler and evaporator coils are extremely important parts of every HVAC system. Air handlers deliver cooled or heated air inside, and clean, properly functioning evaporator coils are essential for getting the highest performance out of central heating and cooling systems. All Goodman parts are covered under factory warranty.

Goodman Mini Split Systems.jpg

Goodman Mini-Split Systems

Goodman mini-split systems, or ductless heating and cooling systems, are ideal for garages, enclosed porches and home additions where duct work isn’t already present. They are also great for rooms that require extra cooling like kitchens and computer rooms. These ductless systems are easy to install and use, quiet, and energy efficient.

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