Why should you have your chimney relined?

Having a chimney relined can be one of the most sensible and cost effective ways to ensure the safe exit of noxious fumes such as carbon monoxide out of one's home. Today's chimney liners are cylinder shaped and usually made of very thin and flexible stainless steel or aluminum. Often times chimneys will be built with ceramic tiles that act as a liner but these tiles do not stand up to heat very well and can sometimes fall off and cause a blockage in the throat of the chimney. This could have the potential of halting the escape of gasses from a chimney or furnace thereby leading to carbon monoxide poisoning for anyone in the house.

Replacing the ceramic tiles is a possibility but this is usually very expensive after the chimney has already been constructed and could once again lead to the detached tiles blocking the chimney throat at some point in the future. Stainless steel chimney and furnace liners carry a lifetime guarantee since they stand up to heat much better than the tiled variety and are secured to the top of the chimney by metal facets. Ultimately, a chimney relining acts as an exit for carbon monoxide from the house if the old liner no longer fulfills this role. 

We can provide next day estimates for all chimney liner services

If you contact us today about a chimney liner we guarantee, if absolutely required, that we will drive to your home and provide an estimate by end of day tomorrow at the latest. We also offer 24 hour emergency service outside of normal business hours so feel free to call anytime.

We are a fully licensed and insured chimney company

When JJ Heating & Cooling Company relines your chimney there is absolutely no risk to the homeowner. If you require copies of our liability insurance or workers compensation insurance please don't hesitate to ask.