What is an Air Scrubber?

An air scrubber is an air cleaning device that utilizes a search and retrieve method to eliminate contaminants in indoor air. As air flows through your ductwork system, the air scrubber continuously produces negative ions. Those negative ions are sent out on a mission to find and bring back the pollutants floating in your air that are too small to be captured by your normal air filter.

To create the negative ions, an Air Scrubber contains small metal tubes. The tubes are arranged in the shape of a honeycomb which have a special coating. Air travels through the tubes and then passes through a section that contains an ultraviolent (or UV) light. As a result negative ions are created and sent on their way to clean your air.

Once the negative ions are in the air in your home, they seek to match up with positively charged particles, like bacteria, pollen, or other allergens. When the negative ions and positive particles bond, they create larger, heavier particles that can no longer float in the air. Instead, they fall to the ground or on surfaces. When your air handler’s fan is turned on, it will pull the newly-formed, larger dirt particles through your ductwork system, ultimately landing and sticking to your air filter.

During the first week of operation – while the air scrubber is first cleansing your home’s air – you may notice an increase in dust around your home which can be swept, vacuumed, or wiped up. Think of this like a one-time spring cleaning. After the first operation, you shouldn’t notice much dust at all.

To summarize, the air scrubber creates ions that do the heavy lifting within the spaces of your home, with the dirt and particles coming to their final resting place on your air handler’s filter.

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